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Touching or clicking on a tile, as you'd expect, opens the app, but it's after this that the perplexity sets in.

To really get going with the OS, you need to know a few gestures, either mouse or touch.

Instead of simply updating Windows 7 with new eye candy and features, Microsoft chose to build something completely new—a combination tablet/desktop operating system.

The company's line is that it's a "no-compromise" proposition—a touch-friendly environment for tablets combined with the ability to run all your existing Windows programs.

If this method didn’t work try method 2Recently windows have released an update for its windows update agent which have a couple of bug fixes.

The download links for the same are given below You’ll see a MSU file in your downloads folder when it’s completed.

And use it for updating windows machine that has no internet connection. Currently honing my entrepreneurial skills and trying to add value to people’s lives.

But the main reason we would be using this tool is it does not rely on the Microsoft Windows update client for downloading and installing updates so even if your update agent is broken it can install the required updates and fix the update client eventually. You can also join us subscribe to our Newsletters & You Tube channel be a part of this growing community.

In Windows 7Now again start the windows update and leave it for an hour.Microsoft provides automated diagnostic tools for fixing common errors in the windows update agent the download it using the below link :-After running the diagnostic tool restart the system and again try to update windows.If you are seeing a specific update error Microsoft has built a knowledge base providing step by step instruction for solving them check the link below :-Get Help on Specific Update Error Code If none of the above methods worked keep faith method 4 will definitely work Using this tools we can create a repository of windows update files which then we can transfer to any storage medium like pen drive, external hard disk etc. Have experienced both worlds the corporate and the startup.This contrasts with using an i Pad, which most people could pick up and use without needing to know about any special actions.Still, I'd argue that the learning curve for using Windows 8 is not as steep as a lot of articles would have you believe, once you have these few tips under your hat.

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Much has also been made of the OS's slant toward touch input, and it's true that Windows 8 makes interacting with your finger on the screen a fully functional, smooth option.