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If you do write your hardware models to Active Directory, you can use this command to retrieve them: Now, navigate to your MDT Deployment Share and open up the Applications folder.

Create a new folder named BIOS Updates (or something similar).

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Ensure that the folder name exactly matches the reported model. When querying with WMI, the model is actually Latitude E5430 non-v Pro.

A four year degree in education is the surest way to become a certified teacher - students obtain a liberal arts education while completing teaching license requirements.Download the latest BIOS version and rename the file to Finally, create a blank file or text document in that subfolder and name it with the current BIOS version. Just below the configure task, add a new Run Command Line task. Set the start in to: Z:\Applications\BIOS Updates\%MODEL%\ Finally, select the Options tabs and select Continue on error. This means that you can have your Task run on certain makes or models. If you would like to exclude certain models, you can use this WMI query: Regular Maintenance Congratulations!If you haven’t played with WMI much, here is a decent primer. You now have a central way to ensure your BIOS versions are up to date.Find the latest BIOS Update for each model that you support.If you support just Dell models, you can open up this URL ( and change the model name at the end for each of your products. Within MDT, open up your Task Sequence and head down to the Preinstall phase/group. If you support other models, leave a comment below with their BIOS Update switches and I will extend this list.

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