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If you like what you see please feel free to LIKE US on Facebook!Bouthillette Photos Here are the Bouthillette’s Photos of their Vista Ridge Montana Log Home being built this year 2011. Roof has been installed, windows have been cut out, roof panels are being installed today, Tuesday August 23rd. Click on the link below to view the format of a Photographic Portfolio of this home.All of their responses are in, so sit back, enjoy, and learn all you need to know before starting on your next log cabin project! I would suggest that you are certain you are getting dry logs for your home. Long roof overhangs, covered decks, and proper landscaping should then be included into the design to keep water off from the logs after they are installed. Sprinkler systems should be kept well away from the logs – a malfunctioning sprinkler head can spray logs and go undetected for months.I think getting the design right is important for the following reasons: It will help you get the house to work better on your land for energy efficiency and future maintenance, as well as make sure it can be built within your budget.

Log cabin living can be as unique as the lucky individuals that choose to embrace this style of home building.In the past, customers were focused on larger homes- typically above 2000 square feet, while the current trend is for smaller cabins that are well appointed with features that reflect the personalities of their inhabitants.I believe the most important tip is to always go for the highest quality materials you can afford.That means that the material they provide performs as claimed and they not only have the knowledge and personal experience to assist you with guidance beginning with your home design through the construction process and completion of your home, but are able to articulate that information in a way for you to make the right decision to have the home of your dreams. When logs are air dried correctly, typically 6-8 months, they acclimatize to the atmosphere.Meaning the moisture content in the log evens out to what it would be like when it is used in a log structure.

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Know what you’re getting, via a detailed estimate/quote, before making your decision.

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