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Especially among Parisians, the manger scene figurines are dressed in modern French fashion provincial clothing.

The preparation and selling of this years manger scene costumes is a big retailing event every year in France.

The children in Belgium are always excited by the approaching Christmas season, and they celebrate the primary gift giving early, December 6th.

They also traditionally set a place at the table for the Christ Child.

In as much as possible, the extended family celebrates Christmas together.

England exported several customs to the United States that we now take for granted in our Christmas Celebrations.

Prince Albert imported from Germany the tradition of bringing in a fir tree and decorating it with ornaments and fruits during Queen Victoria�s reign.

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The week of Christmas, and particularly the weekend before the actual Christmas day seems to pull every person with the slightest ability to carry a tune into the public square and on walk about singing troops singing the traditional Christmas melodies.