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Welcome to the Ladder Slasher shrine, a repository for information about the game.Ladder Slasher is a free RPG game that you can play in your web browser, on your desktop or mobile device!Hi All,v1.27.0 release notes- Fish and comfreys now spawn with stats more strictly tied to the tier that spawns * for instance, a herring should no longer spawn with sardine level stats- The stats of fish you catch will be displayed briefly in the fishing popup window- The prof text popup will now display the skill being used.Eg; 5 Glyphing- All mobs will now display their actual name, rather than a random name.

If it does not, you may need to refresh or clear your cache. In any case, I am pleased to announce v1.25.0 for your playing pleasures.v1.25.0 release notes:- New "3D" catacombs map system implemented- Mini-map revamped to accommodate new map display- Maze controls have changed slightly to accommodate the new maze system (Up moves forward, Left/Right turn left or right)* Note that random fights can occur by simply turning directions.- Well placement in catacombs adjusted to appear part of the maze- A trapdoor is now visibly drawn on the ground when detected- Cooking has been adjusted so that you will still gain proficiency longer per tier.This was set to 99 for all objectives, which would not allow you to complete any objective once you were over level 99.- Increased odds to find multi-stat potions- (bug fix) Frostivil will use ability now- Added an "All" checkbox next to the Refresh icon on the Groups List window that will allow you to list all created groups, even those that are full or outside your level range.* Note that this only lists groups when you click the refresh button.You will not receive auto notifications when groups outside your range are created.- Map system (finally) added, opening more doors for more goodies!I will work hard to address all bug reports as quickly as possible. Thanks to everyone that helped test this version and provided feedback and ideas! g=22v1.29.2 release notes- Adjusted odds on map mods- Increased quality on treasure chests- Increased quality on map drops- Fixed an issue where welled items would sometimes be delayed from showing up until subsequent fights- Fixed a bug where wells and trapdoors would sometimes not show up when entering catacombs, or engaging after a fight- Fixed a bug where the dummy pilot would not restart under some conditions- Fixed Mirror Maze not spawning dopplegangers on last step- Added Level Cap mod to maps, will increase the maximum level of items/monsters by this amount for the map* Example, a patched map normally has a level 15 cap, if the map had 5 Level Cap, the cap would be 20 for that map- Rooms mod on maps will now guarantee at least that many rooms on the map- All objectives except Four Corners and Mirror Maze can now spawn and be completed on maps* Note that this offers up some new strategies for obtaining and completing objectives.Please note that you may need to refresh/clear cache on your browser to ensure your client reads v1.29.2 at the login screen.v1.29.1 release notes- Map "uber chest" now can spawn more items, with better quality- Map spawns have been improved at higher levels- Fixed Warm Light Effectiveness to also work on life (was only working on mana)- Added map mod: % to Swarm, gives this % chance that your fight will become a swarm after completion- Added map mod: % Guild Points, upon completing the map, you have this % chance to gain a guild point.- Added map mod: % Level Up, upon completing the map, you have this % chance to level up.- Maps can now spawn up to unique.- The explored portion of any map will now be visible to all members upon joining or rejoining, or while they were in town.* Note that trapdoors and wells will not be visible unless you were in the catacombs when they were found, unless you walk back over the square.v1.29.1a:- Fixed ASE error on rejoining catacombs during a fightv1.29.1b:- Fixes not seeing map if not driver Please note that you may need to refresh/clear cache on your browser to ensure your client reads v1.29.1b at the login screen.v1.29.0 release notes- Fixed a crash bug with logging out while skilling- Elemental Education and No Maze No More now spawn easier- Mirror Maze reward increased from 5-10 GPs to 7-15 GPs per person- Removed "max level" limit on all objectives.

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This is probably the biggest update to date, with a complete client rewrite being part of it.