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The Bible uses the same word talking about reasons for leaving a marriage, which sex with a woman besides your wife is clearly not premarital sex. In that text she is called both the betrothed and a virgin.

But this proposition is not reversible, that one can have sex and consider oneself married!The text the student is citing in your discussion actually supports your position, and not his.Also, although perhaps not directly related to the question of premarital sex, the single most neglected datum from the OT related to marriage is Gen. I never thought in my wildest dreams that this text would become controversial in our day, but it elevates the idea of heterogeneous marriage between one male and one female, regardless of how we conceptualize a state-defined and sanctioned certificate of marriage. The student’s claim that in the Old Testament it appears that, rather than sex being confined to marriage, it “leads to” marriage involves a number of errors, misinterpretations, and blind spots resulting from not hearing the OT in its own setting and voice.If you require further information, call 204-985-0980 or 1-866-323-0543 (toll-free).The driver record contains: name, address, driver licence number, date of birth, sex, height, eye color, licence effective date, licence expiry date, authorized instruction, air brakes, conditions effective and expiry date (if applicable), licence status, test year, licence class, restrictions (if any), at-fault accidents, convictions*, suspensions, disqualifications and prohibitions.

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The importance of marriage as a social, spiritual and public covenant or contract is pervasive in the Bible, especially the OT.

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