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But in all these various dances there is something in common that characterizes the Russian dance in general: it is broadness of movements, daring and special cheerfulness, poetry, and combination of modesty and simplicity with profound dignity.

Game Dances The special place belongs to game dances, which bring into play the power of observation: they can be about some natural phenomena ("blizzard", "snowstorm"), or about some animals or birds ("Bull-calf", "Corn-crake", "Bear", and the like).

It is difficult to define, how many folk dances there are in Russia – they can hardly be counted.

They have a great variety of names: sometimes it follows the song that it is danced to, sometimes the number of dancers or the pattern of the dance.

When staying home our ancestors were engaged in games and round dances; when leaving for a battlefield they sang of the homeland in their bylinas (heroic epics).

Songs were carried all around Russia and passed from generation to generation.

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The sarafan (pinafore dress) was typical for the Russian maiden’s national dress.

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