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The invention was interesting enough to be featured on a chromolithograph issued by - presumably - the Liebig company: On October 7th 1904 Max Thomas, manufacturer of phonographic machinery and requisites at Berlin, claimed a patent for Phonogram Cards, for which he also applied in the United Kingdom in August 1905: "It has been proposed to enable persons, each provided with a gramophone, to converse one with the other by sending through the post a postcard or lettercard composed of paper or celluloid which has been previously impressed by the recording device of the sender's instrument ...Such cards, however, when made of ordinary paper, have not been found very suitable for this purpose, whilst cards made entirely of celluloid lack stiffness and are expensive ...For the purposes of my invention I prefer to employ disc records of thin transparent celluloid, first, because the small weight of this material does notcause any appreciable increase in the cost of postage, and second, because such records can be mounted over a picture or other representation without obscuring the same" [text page 1, text page 2, drawing page 3].

Emilien-Jean-Baptiste Brocherioux, the dealer Paul-Joseph Tochon and the printing company of Société Fortier et Marotte in Paris, France, jointly registered trademarks including Tebehem, La Phonopostale, Phonopostal, La Phonocarte, Cartophone, Sonorine, Postphonocarte etc.While they are not of indefinite life, the records give surprising results the first time or two they are used.” Unfortunately most of the pre-WWI German, French, British and American gramophone postcards bear no information indicating the date or manufacturer.The autopsy of postally run cards sometimes provides clues through cancellation stamps or handwritten information.Ingoldmells is a small coastal village and holiday resort three miles to the north of Skegness and is the home to the original Butlin's Holiday Camp built in 1936 which s still very popular today.Mablethorpe is located between Cleethorpes and Skegness and boasts all the usual attractions.

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Die Pariser Postverwaltung hat daher nach Art unseres Telephon-Adressbuches ein Verzeichnis der Bewohner von Paris herausgegeben, die Phonographen für die sprechende Postkarte ihr eigen nennen" [Speyerer Zeitung, ].